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Missing, chipped, or discolored teeth can have a profound effect on the way others see you and the way you experience the world. Stop covering your mouth when you smile and let us determine the best cosmetic procedures to get your smile back.

“The whole staff was so

friendly and professional.”

– Ann Groom-Connolly

•  Whitening

•  Veneers

•  Bridges (All porcelain)

•  Dental Implants

•  Replacement of metal fillings

   with tooth colored fillings

Available cosmetic procedures

 •  Implant restoration

 •  Contouring and reshaping

 •  Caps and crowns (All porcelain)

 •  Replacement of missing teeth

 •  Bonding

 •  Invisalign "invisible braces"

Teeth can easily be stained and discolored by coffee, tobacco, and sweets. Our 1-hour power bleaching treatment will have you in and out with a brighter smile in no time.

Revitalize your smile with the latest whitening methods

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Change your Life

with cosmetic dentestry

Cosmetic Bleaching



While over-the-counter products helps some for those not satisfied with the results, we offer two type of

professional quality bleaching:

1) at-home custom tray bleaching application


And for a truly dazzling bright smile for those in need of immediate results perhaps for special occasions:


2) 1 hr light activated power bleaching.

We use Zoom (as seen on the extreme make over)


For the best of both worlds.


We offer a combination of the two to enable future yearly and weekend touch-ups. This combination

qualities for special deep discounts.

Cosmetic facings

Porcelain Facings


Porcelain Facings are a remarkable cosmetic procedure that in the right circumstances can bring

Hollywood to you.

Candidates for this procedure would need structurally sound teeth. Corrections for related, misaligned,

spaced or discolored teeth are possible.



  • Minimal tooth reduction

  • Instant lasting and totally color stable

  • Extremely life-like tooth finish and feet



  • Usually many facings are needed especially if color change is important.

  • Its strength is drawn from the tooth it is bonded to. Therefore weak, previously filled teeth are not candidates.

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