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Ill-fitting dentures can be even worse than not having dentures at all. At Plaza Dental Center, our experienced staff members are skilled at creating custom fitted dentures that'll feel as real as your own teeth.

“Great dentist!”

– Derick Freeman

•  Flexi partials

•  Full dentures

•  Lower dentures

•  Partial dentures

•  Repairs

•  Upper dentures

Variety of denture options

Don't trust your oral health to just any dental practice. Put your trust in dentists who understand that oral care is an art form. We have over 30 years of experience serving up smiles and rebuilding confidence in all of our patients.

30 years of experience

If you find yourself in the middle of an emergency, give us a call and we'll try to make the repair right away.

Emergency denture repairs are available

Adult male using dentures original


that are tailored to you

New Hope for Lower Denture Wearers.


Lower Dentures do not have suction like an Upper denture. They are pushed by the tongue in the floor of the mouth when eating and talking.


Some people can adapt and some cannot.


Implants with attachments can make a huge difference for those in need of improvement. It just may be the  best investment you can make in the quality of your life.


  • Must have sufficient bone to accept and support a denture and implants.

  • Existing denture must fit well (relining or a new denture may be necessary)


Simplified overview:

  • implants are inserted in bone

  • Ball attachments are placed

  • Mates are inserted to denture.

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